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Village Library

Our Library and librarian focus on enabling reading to be fun for students.

The librarian works closely with teachers to bridge what is being learned in the classroom to the library. One of the highlights of each class visit to the library is the read-alouds: a time where the librarian sits with the class and reads a story. Instead of student’s minds getting stuck on words as they learn to read, the intent of our read-alouds is to free up each child’s mind to visualize and explore the story as they hear it. This special time takes place in front of a fireplace that was installed to foster the enjoyment of reading. Typically students visit the library every other week as part of the Specials rotation.

Village Elementary Library is open Village Elementary Library is open 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM Monday-Friday.

Other than during Special's class time, students may come to the library in the morning right before class begins, during first recess, or right after school lets out.

The library is CLOSED to students during all lunch recesses.

Students may keep their checked out books for 2 weeks before they will be marked overdue.

Reading Lists Reading Lists

Download the complete reading list for students in kindergarten through 8th grade »

Reading Resources Reading Resources

Below are some resources to ensure your child is reading at their independent level.

Scholastic Book Wizard: Use DRA2 level (K-5) or Lexile© from MAP for grades 3-8

How to Use Lexile® and Read the MAP Report

Lexile® Book Finder

Common Core State Standards Appendix: Texts and exemplars straight from the Common Core for each grade level