2016-2017 Wellness Policy Update: What You Need to Know

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2016-2017 Wellness Policy Update: What You Need to Know

Earlier in October, CUSD celebrated Walk and Bike to School Day as a way to get students to be more active and make healthier choices. It isn’t just a single day a year our district concentrates on health and wellness, though—we make it a priority to keep our students strong and healthy all year long.


As a district, our goal is to create a successful learning environment in which students are granted all the resources necessary to achieve excellence. To stay focused on this, our district created and abides by a Wellness Policy that emphasizes nutrition and physical education programs based on the CA Education Code. Having this type of policy in place means students will be encouraged to participate in physical activities and will be supported by nutritious food options across all campuses.


Its goal is to provide an environment that promotes student health with an emphasis in reducing childhood obesity. Through this policy, we hope to get students excited about engaging in healthy choices throughout their school day.


Every year, our Child Nutrition Services department takes a look at the policy and makes the necessary changes and additions to ensure it still meets CUSD’s wellness goals. There were three major changes made for the 2016-17 school year:


  • Schools across the district will limit the number of celebrations (including birthday celebrations) involving food during school hours to no more than three times per year. These festivities will also be limited to no more than one food or beverage that does not meet California’s nutrition standard.
  • School-sponsored events will also be encouraged to support healthy food options as set forth by District Wellness Policy guidelines.
  • School staff will be strongly discouraged from consuming food and beverages like chips, energy drinks, soda, candy and other such items that do not support the District’s health messaging and Wellness Policies.


These changes ensure students no longer have access to unhealthy food choices on campus, giving them the opportunity to consume more nutritionally-rich foods and reducing their sugar, sodium and fat intake. Additionally, nutrition standards for all foods being sold in the cafeteria, student stores, vending machines, and at any other school-sponsored fundraiser or event will meet or exceed state and federal nutrition requirements.


Parents have a primary role in supporting the proper health and wellbeing of their children, and with these updates, they can feel more comfortable knowing CUSD will be reinforcing those healthy practices at school. To read the Wellness Policy in full and to obtain a list of non-food related celebratory suggestions, parents can visit the District Child Nutrition Services web page.