Principal's Welcome



2019-2020 Principal's Welcome from Heidi Bergener

Dear Village and ECDC Families,

Welcome Back to an incredible year of teaching and learning, at the Best School in the Universe... Village Elementary! It is an honor to be able to serve you and your family as we embark on our 2nd year together.

In CUSD and at Village Elementary, we believe strongly that Every Child, Every Day needs a Connection, a Challenge, and a Champion. We will be working together, district-wide, to ensure our coordinated efforts stand behind our belief in the potential and promise of each child in our school.

We will connect our students using Sanford Harmony and Restorative Practices and our multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) process which includes a cohesive math curriculum adoption, Bridges, focusing on the depth and breath of our California Common Core Math Standards through differentiated and personalize learning. Through implementation of our new math curriculum and training, our students will strengthen their strong mathematical foundation, not only in concrete procedural math skills, but more importantly, challenge our students in expanding their critical thinking, articulation and application of skills taught. In addition, several grade levels will be piloting new English Language Arts curriculum that will guide our ELA adoption for next school year in 2020-2021. Our district-wide goal is to adopt and implement cohesive curriculum across all core subject areas and grade levels which will ensure equity and access for ALL CUSD students.

To further connect and challenge our students, we have adopted a new bell schedule that will allow our students more time to be at school, connecting to what matters most- our social -emotional well being and academic preparedness. Our bell schedule allows for a dedicated intervention and extension time, where data-driven student decisions will guide placements. Our STEM innovation lab, Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) and Physical Education specials will be integrated daily, connecting students to meaningful and relevant curriculum, all the while, opening up our master schedule to allow our grade level classroom teachers time each day for planning and prep.

Through continued staff development in Sanford Harmony and Restorative Practices, we are ready and willing to be a champion for your child in partnership with you and our greater Coronado community. Our students' individual social emotional and academic needs will be championed through our personalized education plans, PEPs, designed to challenge and meet our students' full potential.

 Our attention will be placed on the interconnection to curriculum and people, challenging and championing each child to meet their potential. You can expect further transparency throughout the school year and communication on a weekly basis though our SMORE newsletter emails and texts.

Lastly, I invite you and your family to connect by volunteering in the classroom, pledging to be a PTO member, and a Coronado Schools Foundation "Hive 365" member. We know that "It Takes a Village" to create the magic that happens at Village each and every day. Please be a part of our magic making. We are who we are at Village, full of rich traditions and excellence, because of the people and the connections that we hold.

Join us in making sure that each and every child, every day, has a connection, a challenge, and a champion for their success.


All the Best,

Heidi Bergener, Ed.D.

Principal, Village Elementary and ECDC