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What's the Endgame for your Child? Winning in the Digital Age with Andrew Doan

Dates & Times:

Thursday, October 29, 2015: 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
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What's the Endgame for your Child? Winning in the Digital Age with Andrew Doan

October 29, 2015

Village Hall at Village Elementary School - Entrance on H St.

You will learn:

  • The effects of online gaming & social media on a young brain
  • Healthy technology habits and what they look like
  • Q & A following

Village Elementary will celebrate its inaugural Digital Citizenship Week. In conjunction, Coronado SAFE is presenting a Digital Citizenship Parent Night. This presentation is open to the community,  emphasis will be on elementary age children.

For more information on Village Elementary's Digital Citizenship Week (click here)

Dr. Andrew Doan, MD, PhD is the head of the US Navy’s Dept. of Mental Health Addictions & Resilience. He earned his medical degree and a doctoral degree in neuroscience at The Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine. Dr. Doan is a  recognized expert in technology and video game addiction.

Dr. Andrew Doan is author of The Biggest 24 and Hooked on Games. As a speaker, he has spoken about medicine, Internet marketing, social media, video game addiction, the importance of the mind, body, & spirit, and how to harness one's full potential in the digital age. Dr. Doan is a recognized expert in technology and video game addiction. With a doctoral degree in neuroscience, his background in molecular neuroscience adds in depth knowledge into the areas of Internet Addiction, Video Game Addiction, and Technology Addiction. 

Dr. Andrew Doan is a doctor, doctor, i.e. M.D. and Ph.D., meaning that he is one of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) medical scientist doctors. Every year the NIH provides funding for the training of medical scientists, M.D./Ph.D.'s. These medical scientists comprise of about 200 students every year out of 16,000 medical students. They get paid to go through this eight year program to teach and do research. The goal is to create medical scientists and educators to teach and do research in medical schools and public settings. These medical scientists pick a clinical discipline as well as a basic science discipline. Dr. Doan chose ophthalmology as a clinical discipline which compliments well with his interest in neuroscience. He got his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins, the premier neuroscience training program in the world. He has had over 10 years of experience doing research on learning, memory, and brain development.

The neurosensory retina in the eyes connect with the brain through approximately 2.4 million nerve fibers, making the eyes an extension of the brain. With Dr. Doan's clinical knowledge in visual systems and his research training in neuroscience, his expertise is unique and rare. He is able to speak with medical and scientific authority on brain development, the visual system, and how gaming works through the visual system to reprogram the brain via neuronal plasticity.

Dr. Doan, with Melanie Hempe RN and Julie Doan RN, founded Real Battle Ministries. Real Battle Team consists of Julie Doan RN and Melanie Hempe RN.

Dr. Doan's book on Video Game Addiction, Hooked on Games: The Lure and Cost of Video Game and Internet Addiction, is available on Amazon.com

Dr. Doan is an eye surgeon and comprehensive ophthalmologist at Eye Associates of Southern California