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Device Labelling Instructions

Technology Label Instructions

Because many computer devices look alike, students must label all technology components brought to school. Here are the instructions for labeling student devices. Please label PRIOR to bringing device to school.
  • Place a “luggage tag” with name/phone number on the case.
  • Also have an instantly identifiable (to the student) tassel or key chain on the case. (Students need to know at a glance which case is theirs).
  • Tag BOTH SECTIONS of power cord. Write student's name on a small strip of (cut to fit) index card. Encircle the cords with Scotch tape, encasing the name strip in tape as well.
  • On the bottom of the device itself, write student's name and phone number in white or silver permanent ink.
  • Write student's name and phone number on the battery pack.
  • Avoid writing solely on the battery pack area as it also may be swapped out over the lifetime of your device.
  • Record (for home use) at home the serial number and other important numbers from the device. 
  • Place student's name/phone number on any other laptop items that student brings to school, including flash drive/USB saving devices. Do not bring software CDs to school.